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Box Fill Helper

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- Box Fill Helper -The best box fill calculator on the app store! This application is perfect for the field professional and the office worker. Box Fill Helper has been designed for conductor sizes 6 AWG - 18 AWG and their connected devices. Includes hickeys, clamps, studs, grounds, and isolated grounds. This calculator will output a box size from Table 314.16(A) in the NEC and the actual calculated volume of the box. If the desired box is not listed in the results then compare it to the volume of the desired box.
Features:- Follows 314.16 of the NEC.- NEC 2011 and NEC 2014 selectable code references.- Step-by-step help section to guide you through the calculation.
Note: This application is for conductors 6 AWG - 18 AWG and their associated devices. For junction and pull boxes larger than 4 AWG, please download our Junction Box Helper application. Junction Box Helper will output a box size per 314.28 of the NEC.
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